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Crowdfunding campaign for Smart Farming

Men with smartphone in India

19-05-2015 • Three third year students of International Development Management at VHL University of Applied Sciences have developed an app to improve the living conditions of cotton farmers in Akola (India). They have started a crowdfunding campaign in order to further develop the app.  read more

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Partnership VHL, city of Arnhem and HAN

Peter van Dongen, Herman Kaiser and Kees Boele in town hall Arnhem

19-05-2015 • On Wednesday May 13 VHL University of Applied Sciences agreed with the city of Arnhem and the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN – University of Applied Sciences of Arnhem and Nijmegen) to promote Arnhem even more emphatically as a university town.  read more

News Overview

The mystery of the Javanese slow loris’ poison

Trap in research area Java

18-05-2015 • The Javanese slow loris (lemur) is a member of the only known group of poisonous primates in the world. However, the origin of the poison is still unknown. There is a strong suspicion that part of the poison is extracted from the loris’ diet.  read more

Story Overview

My work mainly consists of lobbying

In some positions, a lot of lobbying has to be done. This is a matter of careful consideration, tactics, diplomacy and decisiveness. Graduate of Livestock Management Henk Boelrijk knows all about it.  read more

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