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Openness and transparency

The Executive Board of Van Hall Larenstein provides accountability for its actions, both vertically as well as horizontally. An important part of this openness and transparency they aspire, is the publication on this website of annual reports, accreditations for the educational programmes and rules and codes of conduct.

The vertical accountability is taken towards the Ministry of Economic Affairs and authorities that carry out inspections. Moreover the Executive Board reports to the Supervisory Board of Van Hall Larenstein.

Horizontally, the Executive Board strives for a maximum amount of transparency towards and calibration with employees and students. Employees and students can let themselves be heard through the participation council (MR). Van Hall Larenstein involves its students, employees and exponents of the work field in education, research and contract activities. To measure the satisfaction of the stakeholders, the university of applied sciences regularly organises satisfaction measurements amongst students and employees.

News Overview

Fish migration in the Eems

fishing net

02-03-2017 • Last Saturday Peter Paul Schollema (Water Board District Hunze en Aa’s) and Jeroen Huisman (Van Hall Larenstein) gave information to volunteers of the BVO-Ost Friesland about fish migration, research and working with volunteers. Many volunteers and students were present.  read more

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