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Certificate of Coastal Zone Management
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Coastal and Marine Management


You and the sea


Climate change is no secret to anyone. And its consequences will be huge - in terms not only of the biology, ecology, flora and fauna of the oceans, but also of coastal safety. For rising sea-levels make beaches and coastlines narrower - all while the use of coastal areas is more likely to rise than to fall.


So how can coastlines be protected and their future use safeguarded? Fisheries, too: how might marine reserves be identified and organised? How should fishing quotas be established? And what can be done with ships' bilge water, whose discharge threatens to spread exotic plants and animals? How can all such interests be balanced? As a coastal zone manager, you will be dealing with questions like these - regionally, nationally and internationally.


Coastal zone management provides a wealth of job opportunities. You could work for an international consultancy, or make your mark in environmental protection - close to home or anywhere on the globe. Government authorities, too, are on the lookout for people with a background in coastal zone management - troubleshooting fishery problems, for example. You could also make a career in research, like the students who helped a project developer with calculations and plans for extensions to a recreation area. Or you could help international oil and gas producers implement environmental protection systems.


Such complex jobs are never in short supply. And because there is often a lot at stake, they are not for the fainthearted.


Contacts overseas


As you would expect, this programme has a strongly international flavour. There is a good choice of international placements, and plenty of electives you can take at our sister universities - and not just because we have signed collaborative agreements with universities in Scotland, United Kingdom and Scandinavia. If you are looking for a placement somewhere over a distant horizon, rest assured: our students have gone not just to Belgium, Italy, Iceland and Sweden, but also to places as far away as the Azores, Alaska, Australia, Cambodia and China.


coastal zone management with water and coast and lighthouse



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