important information:
Duration: 1 Year
Location: Velp
Start: Oct 2015
Degree: Master
Language: English
Tuition Fee
EEA: € 13,350 a year
Non-EEA: € 13,350 a year
Cost of living:
€ 11,760 a year

Our study programmes in Wageningen will move to Velp on 1 September 2015. More information on the relocation to Velp.

Rural Development and Food Security

Master of Management of Development


Local food security in a globalising world


Food security presents different challenges in different parts of the world. In many countries  a dualistic agricultural development  takes place. On the one side a growing number of  large-scale high-external input farms are producing for the world market and the national supermarkets. On the other side, there are the small-scale subsistence-oriented farms that produce for local markets, where the poor and rural population buy  their food. In these countries the food-distribution systems fail to ensure that the high-output farms feed the whole population.


Although subsistence-oriented farming is often seen as an indicator of poor development, this is not always accurate. In countries whose distribution systems are inadequate, it is - from the point of view of local food security - actually an asset. As globalisation proceeds and these parallel systems coexist, how can agricultural service-delivery organisations help subsistence-based farmers safeguard their ability to ensure local food security? External factors being what they are, such organisations must continuously adjust their structures, policies and programmes.


Many answers to such problems are provided in this programme, which is especially suited to mid-career professionals whose organisations are responsible for tackling local food-security issues. It is also of particular interest to consultants involved in rural-development projects and organisations.


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