New master students Velp

A week after the festive graduation and consequently the parting with our international master students Agricultural Production Chain Management (APCM) and Management of Development (MOD), we welcomed a new group of over 50 international students in Velp on Monday 3 October. From Ghana to India, our new group once more represents a rich cultural background.

'You can count on us, we can count on you'

A large welcoming committee welcomed the students. Arjen Heerema opened the academic year, talked about our school and explained the academic year in general. ‘You can count on us, we can count on you. I hope to see you all in September next year receiving your diplomas.’

Besides Arjen, the specialisation coordinators were also present. Annemarie Westendorp, Suzanne Nederlof and Loes Witteveen represented MOD and Albertien Kijne en Marco Verschuur were the faces for APCM. The coordinators told a bit about themselves and talked in short about the study programmes.

You will see Agribusiness from different angles than you used to

Marco said for example that the students will be challenged in their way of thinking. ‘It’s about originality and different thinking. Not only in the product(ion), but also about making changes in the chain. You will see Agribusiness from different angles than you used to.’ He immediately put theory into practice and challenged the group to detach a system of wooden blocks that appeared to be solidly stuck. After several attempts, one of the students finally succeeded in 'cracking the code'.

As a tradition when opening the academic year, two students struck the gong. After this, the group went outside to take pictures. After an extended photo session everyone joined the specialisation of their choice for the rest of the day.

For now we wish good luck to everybody!

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Story Survey

I would like to inspire other young entrepreneurs

Tran is a third year student of the Bachelor International Business. She chose International Sustainability Management because Sustainablity becomes more and more essential for modern life.  read more

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Product manager at Eurofins Agro

Robin Wolf, graduate Animal Husbandry

Robin Wolf is a graduate of Van Hall Larenstein. He started his bachelor studies Livestock Management at Van Hall Larenstein in 2006. During his studies he was formally introduced with the agricultural sector and life as a student. A great combination!  read more

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Just do what you love!

Vivian, alumna Equine, Sports and Business

Vivian, alumni of Equine Sports & Business, talks about her passion for online marketing and how studying at Van Hall Larenstein has prepared her for that. The prospect of working with horses made her confident that she was going to be successful no matter what.  read more

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I’d choose the same study…

Marleen Middeldorp, alumna Applied Animal Science

Marleen Middeldorp studied Animal Husbandry in Velp and specialised in Applied Animal Science. At the moment she is doing her Master’s degree in Animal Science at Wageningen University.  read more

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John Dofrian reviews flowery visit

John Dofrian at International Trade Fair Aalsmeer

Students of the Master of Agricultural Production Chain Management and Bachelor students went on a trip to Aalsmeer and Vijfhuizen to visit the International Trade Fair, which was organised in November 2016 by Flora Holland.  read more

Story Survey

Organising the biggest equine event in Europe

Caroline Dach, alumna Equine, Sports and Business

Alumna Caroline Dach is Event Manager at Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH where she is part of the team that organises the biggest equine event in Europe: EQUITANA in Essen, Germany. Read how her Bachelor Equine, Sports and Business prepared her for this job.  read more

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Follow your dreams and start small!

Annika Pohle, alumna Equine, Sports and Business

Right after her graduation Annika Pohle started working as a self-employed horse riding teacher in Recklinghausen. She prepared herself for her new role by focusing on sport science during the last year of her bachelor programme.  read more

Story Survey

I like the study environment of VHL

Aijia Zhang, student Agribusiness and Business Administration

Aijia is a fourth year student of Agricultural Business and Business Administration at VHL. It’s her second year of studying in The Netherlands. She participates in the ‘2+2 programme’ in corporation with Yunnan Agricultural University in China.  read more

Story Survey

A good preparation for an international career

Joris Baars, student Disaster Recovery Management during internship

Joris Baars is a third year student of International Development Management and he is specialising in Disaster Risk Management. What appealed to him most, was the international character of this study.  read more

Story Survey

Tough but instructive!

Joris Zwemmer during internship in Taiwan

Joris Zwemmer studies Agribusiness and Business Administration. He specialised in Business Administration. In his second year he did a work placement at Formosa Horticulture Group in Taiwan. Working in a different (company) culture turned out to be very instructive!  read more

Story Survey

Special soup for children

Jelmer Stoffelsma is a third year student Food Technology at VHL in Leeuwarden. In the module Food Product Development he was part of a project team concerned with the development of a soup especially for children.  read more

Story Survey

A lot of freedom

Spring rolls in canteen Leeuwarden

Nathalie de Groot is a third year student Food Technology at VHL University of Applied Sciences. Last year she was president of a project group concerned with the development of a healthy, vegetarian snack.  read more

Story Survey

The technical side of food

Douwe van der Zee is a third year student Food Technology at VHL University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden, with the specialisations Food Technology and Process Engineering. In the third year he was president of a project team concerned with the improvement of banana chips.  read more

Story Survey

Don’t be afraid to get dirty hands

Rick Wolbers, student Land and Water Management

Rick Wolbers studies Land and Water Management at VHL University of Applied Sciences in Velp. He’ll graduate this year. In 2014 he took part in De Noorderlingen, a programme for students who want to develop their business idea into their own company.  read more

Story Survey

Not a number, but a real person

Wilmer Porte, student applied geography

As a student advisor, first-year Applied Geography student Wilmer Porte regularly gives future students information about his study. It’s a task that suits him. His own enthusiasm about the study provides him with lots of things to talk about.  read more

Story Survey

Focus on your future

Christian van Urk

The only thing Christian van Urk knew, was that he wanted to study something that had to do with geography. He looked for a green education with lots of practice and a focus on nature and geography. He’s doing the specialization Applied Geography at VHL and it suits him to a T.  read more

Story Survey

Innovation and guts

Ingrid Blom

Ingrid Blom graduated in Management of the Living Environment at VHL. After that she went on studying at Wageningen University. In her opinion the master Leisure, Tourism and Environment attunes perfectly to Management of the Living Environment.  read more

Story Survey

Water in Eritrea

Water is the source of all life. But water can also cause a lot of problems. We have all seen images of rivers whose banks have burst and each year the damage caused is more severe.  read more

Story Survey

Roses in Ethiopia

Regina Ensing in Ethiopia

Regina Ensing studies Horticulture and Arable Farming at VHL University of Applied Sciences. During her work placement in Ethiopia she found out that she would like to work in greenhouse farming management.  read more

Story Survey

Lilies, geraniums and daisies in Kenya

young geranium plants in greenhouse

In the third year of his specialization in International Horticulture and Marketing Geert Rooijakkers went to Kenya for a work placement. He worked for Sjaak Nannes, an outstanding entrepreneur, who participates in various companies  read more

Story Survey

Understanding the fodder market

Team De Heus Agro Nieuw-Roden (The Netherlands)

Rein-Jan Adema is studying Agribusiness and Business Administration at VHL University of Applied Sciences and is specialising in Business Administration. He did his work placement at an animal nutrition company in Nieuw-Roden, where he set up a new logistic plan.  read more

Story Survey

A chance to learn about the business operations

Rianne Mennink followed a five-week internship at the Equestrian Centre in West Brabant. She participated in the daily running of the company and compiled an analysis of the business.  read more

Story Survey

Hear from a student

What I like about studying at VHL is that what I'm learning is not just theory. Every term we go to a practical training centre and get to see and work with the animals that we're studying and the machineries.  read more

Story Survey

First prize Academic Student Promotion Award for Suzanne

Suzanne van Dijk (23) won first prize with her thesis on 'Ethics And The Welfare Of The Elite Competition Horse'.  read more

Story Survey

Fresh perspectives

Erik van Erk

Erik van Erk is Manager Masterplanning & Sales at RBK Groep, where students of VHL University of Applied Sciences do their work placements. ‘In the future we will certainly deploy more VHL students. That’s not only very useful, but it’s also a way for us to recruit the aces!’  read more

Story Survey

More awareness in timber trade

During her study, Frida van der Veen founded her own consultancy firm in the area of responsible forest management and wood use.  read more

Story Survey

Ponies, probiotics and poo

dieren in de zorg with animals and horses in pasture

Annemarie Veth did her work placement at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht. ‘It was a unique experience. I did research on the effects of probiotics on the intestinal bacteria of horses. It’s quite tough, but also very interesting.’  read more

Story Survey

Unusual is very normal to me

Graduate of Animal Management Klaas Jan Leinenga works as manager educative tours at Safaripark Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek. In his job, he enjoys a highlight every day.  read more

Story Survey

A pleasant place

Janneke van den Tillaart reads magazine

Janneke van den Tillaart studies Land and Water Management. ‘Beforehand I had a certain image of this study: that it would be quite broad, with many different aspects of water and landscapes and exact knowledge and skills. As it turns out, this is almost exactly the way it is.’  read more

Story Survey

International career

Saskia Feldmann

Saskia Feldmann is a student of IBMS at VHL University of Applied Sciences. `This study is strong in its practical approach in addition to the much-needed theory.’  read more

Story Survey

Corporate social responsibility analysis

During her third year, Sabine Waschull had the opportunity to apply her knowledge to a real life sustainability project. The Friesian, a dairy consultancy company, approached students of IBMS to research corporate social responsibility.  read more

Story Survey

Sustainable development at Heineken

The programme International Business and specialising in International Sustainability Management has definitely been the right choice for Feym Akdas and opened many doors for him. He got the chance to write his thesis and do his internship at Heineken.  read more

Story Survey

Broadened view on career field

Niels Veldkamp

Niels Veldkamp, second year student of Agribusiness and Business Administration, is doing his work placement in Zambia. It is an exploratory internship, aiming to broaden the knowledge and insight in the agrarian sector and to acquire experience.  read more

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