A delegation consisting of Peter van Dongen, Loes Witteveen, Toine Smits and Tjallie Botden-Scheltinga from Van Hall Larenstein is visiting Indonesia. A report from Peter van Dongen.

Today, 21 November, 2016, is the first day of the trade mission to Indonesia. Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences takes part in the mission along with other representatives of Dutch schools, universities, companies and government institutions. The programme is very interesting. Special theme is ‘Food and Water'.

MoU signed in the presence of prime minister Rutte

This morning the delegation of our university of applied sciences visited the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). It’s a university that was founded in 1920 during the Dutch involvement. Various preparatory meetings resulted in the fact that we, as part of the trade mission, would sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the presence of prime minister Rutte. This involves a MoU between both knowledge institutions as well as a second MoU with more partners (Van Hall Larenstein, Hogeschool Zeeland, ITB from Bandung, IPB from Bogor, EP Nuffic and the Dutch companies Witteveen+Bos, Royalkoning DHV). The core of this last MoU being: to cooperate on a Living Lab focusing on ‘wicked problems’, while joining forces in finding the necessary solutions.

All parties are eager to cooperate

I’m happy to say that all parties are eager to cooperate. Tonight we will celebrate the official start of the mission with minister Melanie Schulz. Tomorrow there’s a programme with the theme ‘Water’ in Semarang and a programme around Horticulture. Wednesday will be an inspiring day around these themes full of workshops and discussions between the Dutch participants and their Indonesian partners. That is also the day that several MoU’s will be signed in the presence of prime minister Rutte. Van Hall Larenstein will be present; our university of applied sciences will sign too. And finally, Thursday, we will visit IPB, the university of Bogor, where we will also flesh out and confirm our cooperation.

In short: a lot of energy is flowing around the international cooperation between the Netherlands and Indonesia. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to contribute to that.

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