As an international university of applied sciences, Van Hall Larenstein is doing its very best to offer a pleasant study experience to its international students. As a result, we have seen a big increase in the number of international students at Van Hall Larenstein.


Unfortunately one of our prospective international students has become the victim of a phishing scam. A fraudulent third party abused the name of Van Hall Larenstein in order to scam the student, who regrettably transferred money to a non-Dutch bank account.


Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences attaches great importance to being a trustworthy partner. As soon as the fraud was discovered, every effort was made to solve this unfortunate issue. The police was contacted immediately in order to investigate the case. They have reached the conclusion that the fraud was conducted through an internet address in Germany. The police concluded that Van Hall Larenstein was in no way involved in this fraud. Both the police and Van Hall Larenstein have discussed the findings and the evidence supporting this conclusion together with the student. Furthermore, Van Hall Larenstein has done its best to ensure the student could start his desired study programme. Unfortunately, the prospective student does not accept the findings of the official investigation.


Operating under different names, he has started a defamation campaign on 2nd December through social media, in which he directly names certain employees of Van Hall Larenstein. We very much regret this course of events. After consulting the police, we feel compelled to file an official complaint with the police for defamation.


If you have any questions with regard to this message, please contact Ms J. van den Hul, tel. +31 (0) 26 369 55 72.

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