During National Book Week from March 10th to 18th, the professorship Management of Forested Landscapes will present itself in Rozet in Arnhem. In keeping with the Book Week theme ‘Nature’ the entrance hall of Rozet will be transformed into an actual food forest. In addition, several lectures will be held, students of Forest and Nature Management will organize an afternoon for kids, and visitors can take part in a simulation game to make the building greener. Portraits of students from all over the world with a passion for nature will be exhibited along the stairs.

A food forest is a combination of nature and agriculture. It’s a specially designed forest in seven layers, filled with perennials, shrubs and trees, all offering something edible. A food forest copies the system of a natural forest. By stimulating bio diversity and soil life, a resilient eco system that is largely self-sustaining will evolve. This makes the food forest a possible solution to the world food problem: we have to feed 7.6 billion people now, but it will be 10 billion later.

The professorship Management of the Forested Landscapes of Van Hall Larenstein in Velp performs experiments with food forests in the Netherlands, Europe and the tropics. During National Book Week, entrepreneur Hans Kluijt sets up a temporary food forest in the entrance hall of Rozet. Large signs will show which problems may be solved by food forests. The opening of the food forest shall take place on Saturday, March 10th at 13:00 hrs.


In a series of lectures professor Eurídice Leyequién Abarca and her colleagues will talk about making the world a sustainable place with enough food available for everyone without having to cut down the forests, but through research and education.

Children’s activities

On Saturday afternoon, March 10th, kids can get ‘a plant for a plant’. Everyone who makes a drawing of a plant, can take home a real plant. Of course, the drawings will be exhibited. Students of professor Arno de Snoo grew 250 plants specially for this event.

On Wednesday afternoon March 14th, kids from 4 to 12 years old can go on a ‘nature journey’ in the library Presikhaaf in Arnhem. They’ll be using all their senses and make crafts with branches, leaves, moss and flowers. Playing in a natural environment is beneficial to children’s motor development.

Third-year students of People and Nature (a specialization of Forest and Nature Management) will organize this activity for the kids, under the supervision of professor Larissa Appel.

Portrait Gallery

Portraits of students at Van Hall Larenstein from all over the world will hang along the stairs of Rozet. Their picture was taken by Ben ter Mull, professor T&L, at the Larenstein estate. The students tell us about their ideals for a greener future and how they will contribute to it. Professor Brechtje Jorsten (T&L) did the design for the portraits and the information signs. Language teacher Yvette Tijssen gathered the students and their quotes.

Simulation Game

Student Ben van Gunnewijk launches a simulation game for young and old to make the Rozet-building greener on the outside with an abundance of plants. You can play the game on your Rozet digital board.


Saturday, March 10th (13:00h till 16:00h) Opening Food Forest in entrance hall of cultural centre and library Rozet, Kortestraat 16, Arnhem: 

  • ‘Research into Food Forests’: presentation by Eurídice Leyequién Abarca, professor Management of Forested Landscapes
  • ‘Locally active with green in your own surroundings’, presentation by Daan van der Linde, teacher Rural Development
  • Activity for Children ‘A plant for a plant’

Tuesday, March 13th (20:00h till 21:45h) Lectures about food forests and nature: 

  • ‘Research into Food Forests’ by Eurídice Leyequién Abarca, professor Management of Forested Landscapes, Van Hall Larenstein
  • ‘Palm oil, indispensable but controversial’ by Peter van der Meer, associate professor Tropical Forestry, Van Hall Larenstein
  • ‘Food Forest in practice’ by Hans Kluijt, initiator of food forest Jipkesforest and grower of special fruit
  • ‘Locally active with green in your own environment,’ by Daan van der Linde, teacher Forest and Nature Management, Van Hall Larenstein

Wednesday, March 14th (12:30h till 16:30h):

  • Nature Kids in library Presikhaaf (Laan van Presikhaaf 7, Arnhem) by students of Forest and Nature Management.

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