Joris de Visser

Student International Water Management

Water is the source of all life. But water can also cause a lot of problems. We have all seen images of rivers whose banks have burst and each year the damage caused is more severe.

In The Netherlands we have water problems of our own to contend with. Instead of storing it in dams, we give water the space to move through the country, which delivers beautiful water rich residential areas and recreational areas, but this also takes a lot of monitoring to ensure it stays under control.

While we have the luxury of plenty water, some parts of the world are experiencing drought. In many countries, people have to walk kilometres for fresh water because rivers have dried up. The solution? Water wells. Fourth year student in International Watermanagent Joris de Visser knows more about this.

'My future very likely lies in a developing country abroad. Whether I will be a researcher, creating water storage solutions or monitoring water and soil conditions, I'm not sure yet. My study is quite broad so I have the chance to go in many directions. In any case, my office will be outdoors. A job as a consultant in development sounds like a good idea, but working for an international road and water company is also fine. So long as I get to spend a lot of time outdoors.

Together with my classmate I followed an internship in Eritrea. There we put together an overview of all the water wells, pipelines, reservoirs and communal water pits. Eritrea is a very dry country. People here really have a problem getting access to water. We rode our mountain bikes on a dry riverbed to find water wells. We were exhausted because the temperature sometimes reached 40°C.

When it was time to leave, the locals arranged a farewell party to thank us. Even the Mayor of the town and other officials were there to bid us farewell. It was nice to see that our work was appreciated.

Van Hall Larenstein is a school with a relaxed atmosphere. Most lecturers are willing to go the extra mile for the students, and vices versa of course. Also, the study load is high but not unmanageable. My experience is that you learn and you study together, which I find more sociable and often also easier. Two heads are better than one.'


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