Teresia Robitschko

Student Animal Management

Teresia Robitschko, student of Animal Management at VHL University of Applied Sciences, did a five month work placement at the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) in Namibia.

"At the CCF I soon felt at home, mostly because of the nice other interns and the people who work there. The work I did was very versatile and I had the chance to combine theory and practice. My two major projects dealt with the people-animal conflicts in several nature conservation areas in Namibia. As part of the 'International Biology Conservation Course' of the CCF, these areas were visited and a survey was conducted about the people-animal conflicts at the location concerned. I analysed and processed the assembled data.

Besides this, I helped out in many daily activities, such as feeding and taking care of the cheetahs, at the cheetah run and work ups, the tracking of released cheetahs in Bellebeno and the re-establishing camp. I also registered ecological data, sorted out camera trap photos, and took part in game drives, night circuit counts and waterhole counts.

During my work placement, I learned much more than I had expected, and most of all I have got an impression of what it's like to work for a nature conservation organisation. My time at CCF was very adventurous and diverse and I had a great time there. It was especially impressive to be around cheetahs and working with them every day.

I have collected many experiences and learned a lot, not only professionally and educationally, but I also have got to know a new country and a new culture. I am convinced that I could not have found a better placement! It suited perfectly with my study and I have gained a lot of unforgettable, educational experiences!"


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