Radhya Avisya Girana

from Indonesia, international student of Applied Animal Science

Focus on livestock

'I am now in the first year of my studies Applied Animal Science at VHL and the classes I'm in are still joined with students of Equine and Livestock Management. Both Applied Animal Science and Livestock Management focus on livestock animals such as chickens, pigs, cows and goats. At this point, it focuses mostly on dairy cows, since the Netherlands is one of the best dairy producing countries in the world. Studying Applied Animal Science does not mean you can become a vet after you graduate, although that is what most people assume I will be. In Indonesia studying Applied Animal Science is probably the equivalent of studying 'peternakan'. But more to the science side while the Livestock programme is more focused on management.'

Practical work

'What I like about studying at VHL is that what I'm learning is not just theory. Every term (about 9 weeks) we go to a practical training centre and get to see and work with the animals that we're studying and the machineries. This is very interesting to me because I did not come from a farming background in Indonesia. Beside the PTC there are also some excursions to feed factories etc. which keep me updated about how the industry is working.'


'Another thing that I think is interesting is the internship. Most schools have their internship at year 3, but at VHL we already have our short internship at the beginning of year 2. The experience is very similar to finding a real job. The school won't help much unless we're really having a big difficulties. And as I've never really worked before especially in the animal husbandry sector I find this really fun and I look forward to it.'



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