Maggie Muurmans

Graduate Animal Management

After Maggie Muurmans graduated from Animal Management, specialising in Wildlife Management, she started a foundation for the protection of sea turtles in Indonesia. This brought her the prestigious Future for Nature Award, handed over to her by none other than Sir Richard Attenborough. This made her very happy and proud, but at the same time she is of the opinion that anyone can do what she does.

"Actually I wanted to study to become a veterinarian but the level of my preschool did not qualify me to study at university right away. So I decided to first study a bachelor, which was Animal Management at Van Hall Larenstein. After one year I would be allowed to go to university. It was way more fun than I thought, mostly because of the interesting work placements. So I decided to stay and finish the entire programme."

I am very fond of animals, but the course biology in high school was very detailed. I liked languages more. Which comes in handy at the moment, because in my profession I travel all around the world. I did a work placement in Jersey, I work at a distant location in Indonesia and I plan to live at the gold coast of Australia. It can be very hectic sometimes, but it's a lot of fun as well!

At Van Hall Larenstein I was fascinated by Wildlife Management, just as the course strategic management. But I also found out that a lot of courses that didn't seem very relevant at the time, are of great use now. Book keeping for example: it comes in quite handy when you're running your own foundation!

My own project... it's a dream job to me. Sometimes it scares me to say this, because I'm so young! Still, this is how I feel about my work.

And I am convinced that everybody can achieve this, considering I have never been a top student. It is way more important that you make certain contacts, you pick your work placements with care and that you do extra activities. I myself had my own horse, but you could also volunteer for Greenpeace, or a foundation that trains guide dogs for the blind. Besides that, it's important that you're flexible, because you can get a job anywhere in the world!"


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