Laura Mol with motor cycle

Laura Mol is a fourth-year student Environment, her specialization is Water Technology and Water Quality. At the moment she’s graduating at the Waterboard Velt en Vecht.

Talk about independent…

‘This study is doable if you’re independent and willing to apply yourself. I’m now a fourth-year student, and I still like it! My specialization is Water Technology and Water Quality. I wanted to know more about hydrology, so I decided to do my work placement in that field. Talk about independent…’

Future field of work

‘The education is practice-oriented, so you get to know your future field of work. We did several projects that were commissioned by external companies. I liked the assignment for the Drenthe police force best. Their question was how they could do more for the environment through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our presentation on the matter was well received. I had the feeling that they’re really going to implement our plans. That’s the way I like it!’

Quite an adventure

The environment is everywhere, so it’s also in a foreign country. I did a nice minor in Norway, for instance. This enlarged my technical knowledge and I learned a lot about the differences in both study and work between the Netherlands and foreign countries. Also my participation in the Erasmus Intensive Program (EIP) was quite an adventure. A group of VHL-students gave a speech there, about a soil problem that we have in the Netherlands. Professors from all over Europe gave classes for over two weeks. They taught us about the soil problems in their countries and how they handle them.’


‘At the moment I’m graduating at the Waterboard Velt en Vecht. I’m improving a brook system that’s arranged in several different ways. I take small measures, such as an adjustment inmanagement,but I also make complete readjustments. Soon I’ll start looking for a job. I want a career in this field, I don’t want a 9 to 5 desk job and I fancy something abroad as well. It’s all very exciting!’

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