If you’re planning on visiting the Veluwe, you’re bound to see one of the wildlife observation posts designed by Simon Marsman, third-year student of Garden Architecture at VHL University of Applied Sciences.


‘In the bachelor programme Garden and Landscape Architecture I chose the specialization Garden Architecture because I found out that I like to think about the details when I’m designing an area, and not just think about the big picture.'

Jumped into the opportunity

'So when in 2012 we were asked to make a design for Geldersch Landschap I jumped to the opportunity. I had never studied wildlife observation posts before. To get a good feel for the product I visited the location where the posts would be realised quite a few times. Finally I made a design where tree trunks are stacked zigzag-wise, using wood that grows locally.'

Very proud

'The fact that my design was chosen from about 20 others makes me obviously very proud. They liked it that my design was suitable for every location, thus contributing to the recognisability and image of Gelders Landschap. Another advantage was that the design is easy to build and uses natural materials.’


'I think making the scale-model is one of the most important parts of the design process. I did a minor Modelling & Design at the University of Delft to hone my skills in making scale-models.'

Work placement

'After that I had the opportunity to do a work placement at West8 in Rotterdam, which is a world-renowned bureau for urban planning. I learned a lot there and worked on several projects. I had to build a number of prototypes and purchase the materials myself.'

Hungry for more

I’m not sure what I want to do after graduation. But what I am sure of is that I chose the right direction. The projects and work placements that I did, have certainly made me hungry for more.

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