aycha bleeker

Aycha Bleeker is a fourth-year student of Biology and Medical Laboratory Research at VHL University of Applied Sciences. She specializes in Biomedical Research.

Development of illnesses

‘I’ve always been interested in the development of illnesses. Biomedical Research contains all the components that education needs: inspiration, innovation and variety!’

Malaria medications

‘During my project work placement at Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum, I did research in the Malaria Research Group of the department of Parasitology. Amongst other things, I worked on the development of a drugs screening test that examined the effectiveness of malaria medications. During the work placement you finally realize how much fun and how versatile work at a lab actually is.’

A good job

‘The beauty of this kind of research is that you contribute to the development of medications and treatments for serious diseases. Research doesn’t stop at a discovery… Now the only thing left is my graduation work placement and, after that, hopefully a good job as an analyst in a lab of a university medical center.’

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