Jelmer Stoffelsma is a third year student Food Technology at VHL University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden. In the module Food Product Development he was part of a project team concerned with the development of a soup especially for children.

New product

‘In the module Food Product Development, students work on the development of a new product. You can choose from several cases. Our group chose to develop a soup that is not in the market yet. We had a lot of ideas, but in the end we decided on making a soup especially for children.’

Fireman soup

Children often don’t like to eat vegetables, so our challenge was to develop a healthy soup that is attractive for this target group. We developed a soup from fresh vegetables that contains many vitamins and yet has no typical vegetable taste. No colourings and sugars were added to the soup. Because many children think firemen are cool and exciting, we called the soup Fireman soup. Children don’t immediately relate the soup to vegetables but they do get the nutrients that are important for them.


‘As president of the project group Fireman soup I learned a lot in the field of organising and planning, cooperating with others and making sure everybody in the group is comfortable. Besides managing you also work hard yourself of course…’

Broad and varied

‘I chose to sepcialise in Food Technology because it's a broad and varied work field, with a lot of jobs. After my graduation I would like to work for a large certification company as auditor. The Food Technology programme is perfectly preparing me for this! In choosing a study programme I think it’s important to check out the labour market. When there’s a lot of work there are many work placements available, which means you can get a lot of practical experience.’

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