Spring rolls in canteen Leeuwarden

Nathalie de Groot is a third year student Food Technology at VHL University of Applied Sciences. Last year she was president of a project group concerned with the development of a healthy, vegetarian snack.

Vegetarian snack

‘In the module Food Product Development our project group developed a new snack. First we did research on the existing snacks in this field and which snack could be complementary. In the end we came up with the idea to develop a mushroom ragout eggroll; healthy and vegetarian. At the end of the project we had a test group of 70 people taste the eggroll and we got a very positive response from them!’

Who does what?

‘First we divided the tasks. Who writes the reports? Who will take care of the labelling, the packing, etcetera. I was president of the project group and therefore responsible for the planning, monitoring the deadlines and directing the group. I also organised and led the meetings and was contact person for the teachers. A lot is involved in such a project and I learned a great deal from it!’

A fantastic study

‘What I like very much about my study is working in the production hall. Here you get to work on the production process for real, operating different types of machines or working in the laboratory. The hardest part for me is the jury talks, these are oral tests where you have to defend your report for instance. Food Technology is a fantastic study! You often operate in project groups, where you learn to cooperate with others really well. You also have a lot of freedom in composing the content of your programme; in each module there’s 20 hours of lectures and the rest of the courses you can decide for yourself. And, very important: because everybody will keep eating, there is always enough work in the food sector!’


Nathalie is a part-time student, she combines her study with a job at sweets producer Continental Candy Industries in Hoorn.


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