Joost Buursma, student Forestry and Nature Management

Joost Buursma got into contact with VHL University of Applied Sciences at a career fair, when he was still in high school. In 2014 he visited VHL on two open days and did an orientation day. By now he’s busy wrapping up his first year of Forestry and Nature Management.

Open days and walk-in days

‘When I was still in high school I got into contact with VHL at a career fair, where I got interested in Environment and Forestry and Nature Management. I visited Open Days in Leeuwarden and Velp and got a lot of information on both studies. In the end I chose Forestry and Nature Management because I love working outside, surrounded by nature. I did an orientation day in Velp. During that day I got a good impression of the educational programme and life as a student!’


‘The switch from high school to a university of applied sciences wasn’t very hard for me, but it took me some time to get used to living alone. Recently I’ve moved from Velp to Arnhem and now I live closer to Arboricultura, the fraternity I joined. I advise everybody to join a fraternity! You meet tons of people and you can join all kinds of fun and interesting activities.’


‘Forest and Nature Management is a practice-based study. For example, during field trips you do soil sampling and soil water research. This way you immediately implement the stuff you learned in Soil Science class.’

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