Sign Natuurmonumenten

Jesse Bakker is a fourth-year student of Land and Water Management who specialized in Civil Engineering. He is now doing a work placement at GWW-Ingenieurs, where he works as a planning engineer.

Very diverse projects

‘At the moment I’m doing my second work placement. This one is at GWW-Ingenieurs in Dieren. The owner of this company studied at VHL University of Applied Sciences himself, so he knows what to expect of a student ;-). The projects at GWW-Ingenieurs are very diverse; from asphalting in nature reserves to designing an entire residential area.’

Replacing asphalt

‘I work as a planning engineer. The work consists of preparing the replacement of asphalting for Natuurmonumenten. During the preparations you deal with making drawings of the current situation to making a design from a ‘design brief’. By means of the designs I can also make a cost estimate.’

Set out with a GPS

‘I also set out to make measurements with a GPS that I subsequently incorporate in a 2D- or 3D-model, using AutoCAD (Civil 3D). I like it a lot that I get to put the things I learned at VHL into practice!’

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