Niels Veldkamp

Niels Veldkamp, second year student of Agribusiness and Business Administration, is doing his work placement in Zambia. It is an exploratory internship, aiming to broaden the knowledge and insight in the agrarian sector and to acquire experience.


`Besides charting the logistic chain, I do research into the traceability of products. This offers the possibility to gain insight in the complete production line of a company. In doing so I gather experience in the field of production, storage, transport and distribution as well as in the field of buying and selling. The theory I learned in the modules Management & Organisation, Marketing & Logistics and Knowledge Management comes in handy. I also visited various costumers of the company, which has been very instructive, as I’ve learned how they go about business in a foreign country.’

Different circumstances

`Getting acquainted with another culture, other diets and other languages/dialects is a lot of fun! Different ways to do a job and different collaborations broadened my view on this profession. I now have a better idea of how foreign companies work and of different positions within such companies. A work placement offers experience!’

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