arnout bruinink

Arnout Bruinink studied Chemical Engineering at VHL University of Applied Sciences and currently works as a Process Engineer at Tetra Pak. ‘This job is my passion. The fact that it also pays well is a bonus.’


‘At high school I was mainly interested in the exact sciences, which is why I was looking for an education in that direction. What kind of studies are there, but especially: what can you become? It turns out that most of the studies lead to specialised jobs. And that’s tough, if you’re not willing to choose yet. Luckily I found out something else: Chemical Engineering applies to almost all industries. When I felt a connection after visiting a few open days at VHL University of Applied Sciences, the choice was made: Chemical Engineering was the right study for me.'

Real-life projects

'And it proved to be true – I really enjoyed my study. The projects I did were real-life projects in actual companies. We solved real problems for real situations and visited all those companies! I still have vivid memories of all the guided tours in different companies, it was brilliant.’

All over the world

‘After my successful graduation project at Douwe Egberts they asked me to stay as a ‘troubleshooter’ – to keep installations up and running. Now I work at Tetra Pak, which is completely on the other side of the spectrum. As a Process Engineer I design evaporators for places all over the world. After I’ve designed them, the evaporators are built and then they have to be fine-tuned – by me. This means a few weeks’ worth of work, wherever. I have to work hard, but I always take the time to explore the place. Again, brilliant.’


‘In the coming years I’ll keep working here, because I keep learning new stuff. Beside the ‘desk-job’ it’s also great to sometimes put in some elbow grease by actually going into the installation to do technical jobs. It’s all part of an engineer’s work. This job is my passion. The fact that it also pays well is a bonus.’

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