Boat near to drilling platform

David Kuilboer was looking for a practical education with the prospect for an adventurous career. He found it at VHL University of Applied Sciences, where he studies Petrochemistry and Offshore.

The right education

‘It took some time until I found the right education. I first studied for two years in Wageningen and then worked for a year to find out what I really want: a hands-on job and an adventurous career. This higher vocational training really fits the bill!’

Start from the bottom

‘During the short course you first learn the theory for a year and a half and then immediately go to work in a two-year work and study trajectory. This means I start from the bottom and when I’ll have my certificate I can work my way further up the ladder in the offshore business.’

Career possibilities

‘But the certificate is valuable even if I choose a job on land. The subjects that they teach at school are very broad, which offers me an array of career possibilities to choose from.’

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