Marleen Bosch with computer

Marleen Bosch studied Chemistry at VHL University of Applied Sciences. She did her work placement at KNCV, the fellowship for chemistry, life sciences, process technology and (bio)molecular sciences.

I want to teach

‘What I found out during my study, is that working in the commercial sector is not for me. I want to teach. That’s why the first thing I’ll do after graduation will be getting my teaching degree. The work placement at the Koninklijke Nederlandse Chemische Vereniging (Royal Dutch Association for Chemistry) matched my ambitions perfectly.’

Contribution of my own

‘I researched what’s the best way for chemical experts to pass on knowledge to teachers. How do you realise transfer of knowledge that is up to date? I learned a lot and also made a contribution of my own: a proposition to make a database where supply and demand of knowledge meet. The proposition got very positive reactions, so I hope the database will be developed. That way I can use it myself, when I’m a teacher!’

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