Gerke Nutma

In every production process some produce is declared unfit. More often than not it just gets thrown out. But perhaps one could try to find a way to recycle it. Gerke Nutma, student of Food Technology did research on this subject at a company active in spice production.


Production losses

Gerke Nutma graduated in 2012 at VHL University of Applied Sciences. His graduate assignment was to find solutions for the problem of production losses at J.S. Polak Koninklijke Specerijmaalderij in Steenwijk. ‘This company is a big supplier of herbs and spices, mainly for bakeries. Together with all parties involved I looked for a way to decrease waste and reduce losses in production.'

Practical solutions

‘Some loss in production is inevitable, but I tried to find ways to deal with this problem as efficiently as possible. Our research came up with some practical solutions and at the moment we’re looking for ways to implement them. I really enjoyed doing this research and it matches my study perfectly.’

Very broad

Gerke looks back on his study with satisfaction: ‘What I like especially about the studies at VHL is that the subject matter is very broad. All aspects connected to food technology are dealt with, from process technique and product development to quality control.’


Easy to find a job

It wasn’t difficult for him to find a job: ‘The Monday after graduation I started working at a company where they process organic vegetables and fruit. I’m a quality service employee there. It’s a very satisfying occupation. And there are many more jobs like this one, because food production has to meet more and more requirements. So there are lots of opportunities for the students!’

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