Rick Wolbers, student Land and Water Management

Rick Wolbers studies Land and Water Management at VHL University of Applied Sciences in Velp. He’ll graduate this year. In 2014 he took part in De Noorderlingen, a programme for students who want to develop their business idea into their own company.

De Noorderlingen

‘I took part in De Noorderlingen because I want to set up a branch of Luinstra Watermanagement in the Randstad. During the course of De Noorderlingen you continuously change and fine-tune your plans. This makes you more prepared to really start your own enterprise afterwards. During De Noorderlingen all the participants get linked to a personal coach. The one I had was an entrepreneur himself and he taught me a lot. This period was very valuable to me, especially in terms of personal growth.’


‘After the lower vocational training Land and Water Management I wanted to go to a higher vocational training. People at the company where I worked at the time said that Land and Water Management at VHL is the best training there is in this field. ‘They produce excellent professionals,’ is what they said. When it came to math I found the transition from lower to higher vocational training quite difficult. I had to work pretty hard to keep up. But if you manage to succeed, it’s a real blast, and you start wanting more!’

Land and Water Management

‘I’ve been working in civil engineering for ten years now, on weekends and during vacations. On the job you really learn how to work together on complicated projects. The subjects geology, hydrology and ground mechanics at school have really helped me. You learn about how the ground is composed and how water and soil relate.’

Push hard

‘If you choose this study you’re assured of a job, but you shouldn’t be afraid to get dirty. If you’re someone who’s enthusiastic and pushes hard, you’ll get there!’

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