Wilmer Porte, student applied geography

As a student advisor, first-year Applied Geography student Wilmer Porte regularly gives future students information about his study. It’s a task that suits him. His own enthusiasm about the study provides him with lots of things to talk about.

Many different jobs

‘As a student advisor I give information about my study at high schools and to other interested parties. I always make sure to mention that it’s a broad training that can lead to many different jobs. The subject matter is very interesting and it is taught in a pleasant way. It’s a rather small department within the school, so the student–teacher relation is close. Teachers are always available for questions and you’re not a number here, but a real person.’


‘Another plus is the amount of practice-based learning, for instance in my favourite subject: geology. At high school I was already very interested in geography and I find that a lot of the subject matter emerges again in geology. I love it when I can drill into the earth for meters with a soil core sampler whenever we have a work day in the field. You can actually see the different layers in the soil. Back in high school I just saw the pictures in my geography book, now I can see it with my own eyes.’

After graduating

‘One frequently asked question is: what kind of job can you get after graduating in Applied Geography? Because of the broadness of the training, the opportunities are vast as well. For instance, you can end up at a local authority, a construction company, a water board or a consultancy bureau. Through work placements you’ll find out what suits you best. As for me, I’d like to work at an engineering company. My uncle used to work at an engineering company and he was so enthusiastic about it that I caught the bug.’

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