Christian van Urk

The only thing Christian van Urk knew, was that he wanted to study something that had to do with geography. He looked for a green education with lots of practice and a focus on nature and geography. He’s now doing the specialization Applied Geography at VHL University of Applied Sciences and it suits him to a T.

Lot of fieldwork

‘In high school you get used to sitting in classrooms all day, studying from books. But this study is something completely different. Here we do a lot of fieldwork. The theory-practice balance is just right.’

Working with people

‘Every period the school starts a cooperation with another project. This way we do soil research one time and focus on village life the next. For me, this is the ideal way of learning. You can see with your own eyes where your study might lead you. As it turns out, the possibilities are endless. I would like to go further into the human side of geography, because I like working with people. This is also possible with Applied Geography.’

Choose your own path

‘It’s great that the students can choose their own path within the specialization. After the fixed basic programme you can develop yourself by choosing minors that fit with your plans. These subjects don’t necessarily have to be given in Leeuwarden, you can also choose subjects at other schools. This way you can really focus on your own future.’

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