Ingrid Blom

Ingrid Blom graduated in Management of the Living Environment at VHL. After that she went on studying at Wageningen University. In her opinion the master Leisure, Tourism and Environment attunes perfectly to Management of the Living Environment.

Broadening my horizon

‘They’re both about ‘environmental psychology’. For instance: how do people react to parks, how does the brain work and are we able to respond to that with information or advertising? But also: how do you organize sustainable tourism and how can you make it profitable for a certain area? This is all common ground in both studies. I could have gotten a job right after graduating from VHL, but I wanted to do the master out of sheer personal interest in broadening my horizon.’

Interesting job

‘While I was doing the master I stumbled upon an interesting job: neighbourhood manager at the municipality of Veenendaal. I managed to conquer the job and still take great pleasure in it. All aspects of Management of the Living Environment come up on the job, but on a small scale.

Public spaces

‘I’m currently working on the quality of life in two large districts, both within my work area. You have to play your cards right when it comes to public spaces. They have to be fit for leisure as well as offer safety. And then you have the social questions in the areas: social cohesion, security, projects… All this was treated in my studies, but now corporations, police and local residents have taken the places of farmers, environment and leisure.’


‘It always boils down to ‘thinking outside of the box’, having innovating ideas and showing guts. I learned and developed these skills during my study Management of the Living Environment. We did all kinds of projects where you had to specify your ideas and show new insights, with every new module or subject, again and again. That’s how I’ve learned to experiment, and I still benefit from it. Every day.’

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