Robin Wolf, graduate Animal Husbandry

‘My name is Robin Wolf, and I am a proud graduate of Van Hall Larenstein. I started my bachelor studies Livestock Management at Van Hall Larenstein in 2006. During my studies I was formally introduced with the agricultural sector and life as a student. A great combination!'

Inventive and responsible
'During my studies I received a practical and theoretical training, but most of all I acquired a ‘get it done’ attitude. Van Hall Larenstein teaches their students to be inventive and responsible for their own results.

During my studies I was given the opportunity to experience livestock management in the Netherlands and abroad, with highlights such as our student exchange program with an agricultural school in Croatia, Practical training at PTC+, my placements at CRV (dairy breeding) and Hendrix UTD (a Former Nutreco company, now part of ForFarmers). I also had the opportunity to do my minor at the Swedish agricultural university of Uppsala. A great 6 month period in which I got acquainted with the Swedish agricultural sector and their view on the agribusiness. Everyone should realise livestock management is a global business!

After graduating I travelled a bit before starting my job as a dairy advisor at Agrifirm Feed. A great job  and company. As a dairy advisor I helped dairy farmers with optimizing feed rations, daily management, legislation and strategic management. I left Agrifirm Feed after five great years to start my current job. Nowadays I am a product manager in dairy at Eurofins Agro. Eurofins Agro is an international laboratory company. I am located in Wageningen. Here, we do over 500.000 individual analyses for a global client base in the agribusiness sector every year. You might know us from our soil and roughage analyses. My job is to know the international dairy sector and find opportunities for Eurofins Agro to provide dairy farmers with tools to improve their efficiency and production.

Dairy industry
Van Hall Larenstein was the first step in my professional career and, with the help of dedicated teachers, it helped me focus on a great business: the dairy industry. I wish you all a great future in your field of expertise, but most of all: enjoy your life as students!’

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