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The professorship is very much interested in participating in projects that involve animal welfare. In order to be eligible for subsidies, it submits various projects in cooperation with other parties, for example through the GKC-programme Animal and Welfare. VHL University of Applied Sciences, with the professor as commissioner, initiated this programme. Apart from taking the initiative for projects within this programme, VHL University of Applied Sciences also cooperates as a partner in projects that are submitted by other ‘green’ educational institutions. In May 2011, the new GKC-programme Animal and Welfare has been approved for a period of four years.

The programme team consists of:

  • Hans Hopster (Animal Behaviour, Health and Welfare professorship, programme leader),
  • Jolanda Hokwerda (Animal Behaviour, Health and Welfare professorship, secretary),
  • Lenny van Erp (HAS Den Bosch),
  • Manon de Kort (HAS Den Bosch),
  • Tjalling Huisman (VHL University of Applied Sciences Leeuwarden),
  • Jos Broekman (Heliconopleidingen Nijmegen),
  • Hans Hilverda (Citaverdecollege Horst),
  • Annemarie Revet (Wellantcollege Houten),
  • Emely Meijerink (Landstede Raalte),
  • Marlon van der Waal (Wageningen University), and
  • Marko Ruis (Wageningen UR Livestock Research).

The cooperation of the GKC-programme of Animal and Welfare with the Animal Behaviour, Health and Welfare professorship and the BO-research programme Animal Welfare and Livestock Research is of vital importance to a thorough access, use and distribution of knowledge that is already available or yet to be developed by the means of research.

Current projects

Below is an overview of the projects the professorship is involved in at the moment:

Completed projects

Below is an overview of the projects the professorship has been involved in:

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