Sustainable Agribusiness in Metropolitan Areas

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The world is urbanising rapidly. In 2050, 6 billion people will be living in metropolitan areas. This offers new challenges and opportunities for the agribusiness sector: the inhabitants of these areas need to be provided with sufficient food and other agricultural products, produced in a sustainable way. Furthermore, new agricultural products and markets need to be developed for these urban areas. This perspective is called Metropolitan Agriculture. Sustainability is a precondition in this matter. Innovative business models, chains and networks are essential to achieve this. They demand new coalitions, types of organisation and competences, for which the professorship will develop, describe and distribute the required knowledge.

The Metropolitan Agriculture professorship will develop a number of national and international metropolitan test gardens. In these test gardens, the professorship will organise educational activities and practical projects in cooperation with entrepreneurs, NGOs, governments and researchers of Wageningen UR. The professorship builds on the knowledge and the networks of the innovation programme ‘TransForum Agro & Groen’ (2006-2011), which also contributed to the establishment of the professorship.

The professorship of Metropolitan Agriculture (Sustainable Agribusiness in Metropolitan Areas) has been established for the duration of four years (2012-2016). Ph.D. MSc Rik Eweg has been appointed professor.

Read the booklet Sustainable Agribusiness in Metropolitan Areas (pdf).

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