Higher education can play an important role in adapting a new approach in knowledge development for entrepreneurs, by introducing new forms of education, practice-oriented research and innovation. Such an approach of knowledge development is necessary to be able to deal with the complex questions the agricultural sector is facing, and to transfer innovations to actual investments.

Besides an ongoing metropolitanisation, the agricultural sector is confronted with important sustainability issues, such as the increasing scarcity of natural resources (water and energy), emissions of greenhouse gasses and discussions on occupation of space as well as animal welfare. Metropolitanisation leads to the important question of how to provide billions of inhabitants with food in an effective manner, but it also offers opportunities as new markets emerge for innovative agricultural products and services.

The professorship will focus on the realisation of new business cases in metropolitan areas through cooperation on projects issued by entrepreneurs, governments, researchers and social organisations. The projects will be linked to 'learning communities' of students and lecturers, who add value to society by applying their knowledge in practice and develop new knowledge at the same time. 

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