What do we do

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Developing business models

  • We carry out practical projects in which entrepreneurs, governments, social organisations and researchers develop business models together for sustainable food production, new chains or green products and services.
  • With assignments, internships, the digital supply of news, and study groups we involve lecturers and students in these practical projects.
  • By monitoring the projects and reflecting on them, we make sure all those involved can learn from them.

Creating values

While working, we create the following values:

  • Entrepreneurs can use the business models to attract investors
  • Governments can use the knowledge for regional development, aimed at reinforcing the ‘People, Planet and Profit’ values of an area.
  • Educational institutions can develop study modules on the basis of the acquired knowledge.

Metropolitan Test Gardens

We cooperate with a number of regions, called Metropolitan Test Gardens. For the time being, we focus on:

  • Gelderse Vallei (Food Valley) and Betuwe (Greenport Betuwse Bloem)
  • Baramati, Pune district, Maharashtra State, India
  • Balkan Region
  • Sao Paulo-Belo Horizonte-Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

 More areas can be added to this list. In the future, every test garden will have its own webpage.

This is what we will do in the Metropolitan Test Gardens:

  1. We organise consortiums of entrepreneurs, governments, social organisations, researchers and education.
  2. We investigate which sustainable products and services agricultural entrepreneurs can produce and for which ones there is a demand.
  3. We develop value chains, clusters and business models for the chosen products and services that comply with the demands of commercialisation, logistics, knowledge, financing and processing.
  4. We support the entrepreneurs in implementing technical innovations in their companies and help them with financing, organisation and development of skills and competences.
  5. We evaluate the ’People, Planet and Profit’ aspects of innovations by systematically reflecting on the process.
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