About the professor

Professor Rik Eweg is a lecturer, researcher and manager all in one. By combining management and research, he has acquired an integral insight into developments in sustainable agribusiness in metropolitan areas. As project director of the innovation programme ‘TransForum’, he supervised practical projects and was involved in the development of new learning methods in innovation processes.

As a manager, he has been responsible for large-scale projects in the field of spatial development and economy. He combines an extensive knowledge of innovation processes with a concrete vision for metropolitan agriculture. His strength lies in analysing and leading complex problems and processes.

Rik studied HTS Civil and Hydraulic Engineering in Hengelo and Town Planning at Wageningen University. He did his Ph.D. on the use of Geographic Information Systems in future scenarios for area development. He worked at the University as an international project leader and acquired his post-doctorate degree at the Research School of Production Ecology. Afterwards, he took up the position of alderman at the municipality of Wageningen for eight years. Since 2006 he has been project director of the innovation programme ‘TransForum Agro & Groen’.

Research group

Ben Rankenberg

Ben Rankenberg is lecturer Animal Husbandry, education developer and project leader with extensive experience in developing and implementing educational programmes in an international agricultural setting. Ben is a proactive worker in teams with strong self-initiative. Among his strongest skills are his analytical approach, being innovative, communicative and demonstrating strong skills in writing and problem solving. He always expects a high quality standard.

Ben studied Animal Husbandry at Wageningen University. Currently, he is active as trainer and project leader of a number of large projects in the Balkans, in Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro, where he has extensive networks. He is coordinating the quality control of the study programmes in Velp and he is also coordinator of several specialisations within the Animal Husbandry study programme.

Jos Leeters

After graduating from Horticulture and Marketing at Wageningen University, Jos Leeters has accumulated over 25 years of experience as an agricultural engineer in floriculture and food horticulture. He is a specialist and consultant in the field of international trade and marketing of cut flowers, indoor and garden plants, vegetables and fruit. His working area and network are not limited to the Netherlands alone but extend internationally, with a focus on programmes in developing countries.

Besides conducting consultancy and training activities, Jos Leeters has strong ties to VHL University of Applied Sciences. Next to his didactic activities in the frame of the study programme Agribusiness and Business Administration, he is mainly involved in international projects concerning the exchange of students and curriculum development in several developing countries, especially in China, Vietnam, Thailand and India.

Jos Leeters has a people-oriented way of working, with a special antenna for intercultural aspects that are important when trying to establish cooperation with other countries. His approach to project work is professional, pragmatic and solution-oriented. Sustainability is high on his agenda. Jos does not shy away from embarking on long-term projects and developing extensive cooperation's with partners. 

Marise Haesendonckx

Marise Haesendonckx studied Mathematics in Belgium, at the universities of Gent and Antwerp. After her studies she specialised in Research Methods, Data Analysis and Agro-Logistics, Decision Support Systems, Simulation of Logistics Systems, Strategic Alliances and Food Supply Chains.

She is lecturer of Marketing Research, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management and Logistics within the Agribsuiness and Business Administration study programme and president of the Academic Program Board. She is strongly practice-business oriented and focuses on value chain development. Marise has extensive international experience. She developed and implemented various projects in Finland, Uzbekistan, China, Thailand and India.

Marco Verschuur

After his studies of Animal Husbandry and Business Administration at the CAH Dronten and Tropical Livestock Farming and Development Studies at Wageningen University, Marco Verschuur started working in South America. He worked in El Salvador and Nicaragua as a university lecturer and consultant in the field of participatory research, ecological agriculture and rural development.

At the moment he holds several different positions within the international study programmes of VHL University of Applied Sciences: he is lecturer of the Bachelor programmes International Development Management and the Master programmes Management of Development and Agricultural Production Chain Management. Apart from that, he is also the internship coordinator for the International Development Management programme. Moreover, he is involved in project development and implementation in countries such as Rwanda, Benin, Colombia and Guatemala.

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