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VHL is a university of applied sciences. We train high-quality, ambitious and innovative professionals who contribute to a more sustainable world. The curricula of VHL University of Applied Sciences focus on the domains Delta Areas and Resources - Food and Dairy - Animal and Business.


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News Overview

New foods: from duckweed to buffalo milk ice cream

Give out snacks during symposium 'New Food - New Food Safety'

16-06-2015 • Eating duckweed? Maybe it sounds a bit odd, but it has potential. Grown into water lentils the weed contains a lot of protein and the market for vegetable protein is growing.  read more

News Overview

Animal Management students organize Pet Show

Organisation 'Huisdierenbeurs' 2015

08-06-2015 • Every year students of Animal Management at VHL University of Applied Sciences organize a Pet Show in shopping centre Bilgaard in Leeuwarden. The Pet Show offers a wide range of activities to pet lovers and people who work in health care.  read more

Story Overview

Sustainable development at Heineken

The programme IBMS with the specialisation International Sustainability Management has definitely been the right choice for Feym Akdas and opened many doors for him. He got the chance to write his thesis and do his internship at Heineken.  read more

Story Overview

Special soup for children

Jelmer Stoffelsma is a third year student Food Technology at VHL in Leeuwarden. In the module Food Product Development he was part of a project team concerned with the development of a soup especially for children.  read more

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