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The Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP/NFP) is a scholarship programme funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is targeted at professionals from selected developing countries who, after their studies in the Netherlands, will be able to further develop and strengthen the organisations at which they work. Please find the information and instructions for submitting your scholarship request below.

Before you start applying, please take note of the following general conditions:

  • Only our Master, Certificate and Short Course programmes are eligible for an OKP/NFP scholarship
  • You have to be a national of one of the OKP/NFP countries listed here.

Application process for the Nuffic OKP/NFP Scholarship

1) Submit your Master, Certificate or Short Course application at Van Hall Larenstein

You first have to submit your application for admission to a Short Course, Certificate or Master programme at Van Hall Larenstein University. We will perform an eligibility check and let you know whether you can be admitted to the programme.

Application deadline for OKP/NFP candidates: Master and Certificate OKP/NFP candidates should apply at Van Hall Larenstein before 28th February 2018. Short Course NFP candidates students should keep an eye on this website for updates.

For detailed instructions on how to submit your application for a study programme at Van Hall Larenstein, please consult our Enrolment page.

You will need to start your application by registering for the study programme of your choice in Studielink, which is the Dutch national student registration platform. Afterwards, you will be asked to send a copy of your passport to the International Office of Van Hall Larenstein, who will send you instructions for the next step.

From there, you will continue to Van Hall Larenstein’s application system called SIS. You will need to register in the SIS system and upload a number of required documents, including a CV with a detailed description of your work experience and a letter of motivation of approximately 150-250 words. Please use the Europass format to complete your CV.
Important:  In your CV or motivation letter, you will need to state that you wish to apply for the Nuffic OKP/NFP scholarship. This is to ensure Van Hall Larenstein knows whether it needs to send you the instructions for the OKP/NFP application. Please also briefly explain in your CV or motivation letter why you would like to receive the OKP/NFP scholarship.

2) Register in the Atlas scholarship application system

After Van Hall Larenstein has performed the eligibility check, you will receive a letter (email) informing you about the results. Candidates who have been found eligible to be admitted to a study programme at Van Hall Larenstein University will receive a Letter of Conditional Admittance. This letter will contain a link to the Atlas application system and detailed instructions on how to submit your scholarship application.

The Atlas application system will open around 3rd February and close around 26th March 2018. Please make sure you register in the Atlas system before 26th March 2018.

Please note that the set of documents required for the application at Van Hall Larenstein and for the scholarship differ. For the list of required documents needed for your application at Van Hall Larenstein, please consult our Enrolment page. Regarding the  OKP/NFP application, you will need to prepare a number of additional documents and upload them in the Atlas system. The set of required documents for the NFP application includes:

3) Results

After you have submitted your OKP/NFP application in Atlas, your request will be processed by Nuffic. Van Hall Larenstein will inform you about the results and the next steps between the end of May and mid-June 2018. 

We advise you to start applying for a Master or Certificate programme at Van Hall Larenstein immediately after the Studielink application system opens on 1 November. This way, you can make sure that your application will be processed before the Atlas scholarship application portal opens.

Please bear in mind that you need to agree with the rules and regulations of the OKP/NFP. Please consult the Obligations for OKP/NFP Fellowship Holders, you can find the obligations here.

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