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What is an Associate degree?

An Associate degree (Ad) is a two-year higher vocational  programme with an accredited diploma. This new degree is tailored to the need of businesses for highly educated personnel in specific positions. Especially intermediate vocational (mbo-4) students and people with work experience increase their job prospects with an Associate degree. With an Associate degree you are trained for specific job profiles, in this case dairy farmer.

After completing the two-year programme, students can continue their studies to get a Bachelor degree. Usually it is possible to shorten the bachelor programme by one year if the student completed a related vocational study programme.

With Associate degrees, the government aims to stimulate young people who would otherwise have stopped studying, to enrol in a (short) higher vocational study programme. At the moment there are about 90 different Ad programmes in the Netherlands. 

The advantages of an Associate degree in a nutshell are:

  • VHL University of Applied Sciences keeps in touch with the work field so the curriculum is well attuned to your future job.
  • After two years you have a degree, which means only two years of paying tuition fees. If you have a job, the part-time programme of two years is easier to combine with work than a four year programme. Also, your employer will be more inclined to (co-)finance a short education.
  • If you do not have a bachelor degree yet, you only pay the statutory tuition fees.

VHL offers the following Associate degrees (Ad):

  • Dairy farming (full-time, taught in Dutch)
  • Integral Enforcement Sustainability Law (part-time, taught in Dutch)
  • Sustainable Soil Management (part-time, taught in Dutch)
  • Sustainable Water Technology (part-time, taught in Dutch)
  • Garden and Landscape Architecture (full-time   and part-time, taught in Dutch)
  • Land and Water Management (part-time and full-time, taught in Dutch)

Please contact for more information about the admission requirements, application procedure and tuition fees.


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