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From animal welfare to horse business: animal husbandry covers it all!

If you always wanted to study for an animal-related degree but you did not know where to look, you have come to the right place: at VHL, we offer a Bachelor study programme in Animal Husbandry (BSc), which allows you to study animals and subsequently find work in the animal sector. Animals, particularly farm animals, play a more important role in our daily lives than we may think.

The production of healthy livestock is the driving force towards global food security. With an ever-growing population to feed, farmers need to increase production and optimise distribution on a national and international scale. The animal husbandry sector needs individuals who pay the utmost attention to the care, health and wellbeing of farm animals but who also understand the basics of business administration, such as marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation. This means we are looking for people like you!

The Animal Husbandry (Bsc) programme will teach you the ins and outs of nutrition, immunology and diagnostics, disease control and animal welfare. Courses in applied research, scientific research methods and project management form an integral part of this Bachelor programme. In addition, you will acquire scientific knowledge of the main species within the husbandry system: cattle, horses, pigs and poultry.

Upon graduation, you will qualify for a wide array of jobs throughout the industry - ranging from entrepreneur or manager of your own business to consultant or supplier. As  a degree programme with an international focus, the Animal Husbandry Bachelor has been shown to open doors worldwide.

Within the Bachelor of Animal Husbandry, you can specialise in the follwing professional fields:

The Bachelor of Animal Husbandry (BSc) lasts 4 years. In Leeuwarden, the entire study programme, including the professional fields, is taught in Dutch. In Velp, the entire study programme, including the professional fields Applied Animal Science and Equine, Sports and Business, is taught in English.

You can read everything about the regulations and examinations in the:
Education and Examination Regulations of Animal Husbandry location Velp


Information about this programme:

EEA€ 2,083 a year
NON-EEA€ 8,750 a year
News Overview

VHL wins contest incoming trade delegations

VHL-winner-contest incoming trade delegations LC 2018

02-06-2017 • Thuesday, May 23rd Van Hall Larenstein won one out of five awards for the organization of an incoming trade delegation of the Province of Fryslan. There was a total of 17 submissions.  read more

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Dutch knowledge for Indian dairy farmers

Cows in India

03-04-2017 • Researchers from Van Hall Larenstein University and GEA visit India between in April to collaborate with Indian family-dairy farmers, entrepreneurs and researchers to develop innovative concepts for the Indian dairy sector.
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VHL-team wins National School Competition

VHL-student team winner National School Contest 2015

05-06-2015 • The student-team of VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) won this year’s National School Competition. This is an exceptional accomplishment because VHL only competed with one team, even though schools are allowed to compete with several teams.  read more

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Live feed of breeding common terns

Eggs Common sterns on the roof in Leeuwarden

01-06-2015 • Three years ago students of Animal Management at VHL University of Applied Sciences started research on the common terns that were breeding on roofs in Leeuwarden. The common terns are back and have started building this year’s nests on Nordwin College’s rooftops.  read more

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I achieved more than I could have dreamt

Laura van Zonneveld

Laura van Zonneveld started with a vocational education, moved on to Van Hall Larenstein and finished with a master. ‘I  found a room in a nice dormitory and started studying Applied Animal Sciences at Van Hall Larenstein.  read more

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Product manager at Eurofins Agro

Robin Wolf, graduate Animal Husbandry

Robin Wolf is a graduate of Van Hall Larenstein. He started his bachelor studies Livestock Management at Van Hall Larenstein in 2006. During his studies he was formally introduced with the agricultural sector and life as a student. A great combination!  read more

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Just do what you love!

Vivian, alumna Equine, Sports and Business

Vivian, alumni of Equine Sports & Business, talks about her passion for online marketing and how studying at Van Hall Larenstein has prepared her for that. The prospect of working with horses made her confident that she was going to be successful no matter what.  read more

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I’d choose the same study…

Marleen Middeldorp, alumna Applied Animal Science

Marleen Middeldorp studied Animal Husbandry in Velp and specialised in Applied Animal Science. At the moment she is doing her Master’s degree in Animal Science at Wageningen University.  read more

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