Equine Business and Economics


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Horse business is big business

Horse business is big business; the Equine, Business and Economics specialisation of the Animal Husbandry Bachelor programme is targeted at those who realise and embrace this fact. Equine business has become a highly profitable profession and it is rapidly expanding all over the world. The Dutch and the German horse sectors have become key players in this international network. They are highly recognised worldwide for the breeding and trading of sport horses, and for their level of sport performance and the transfer of equine knowledge. The increasing number of international transactions, whether in sport horses, equine products or horse knowledge, demands individuals who combine their interest in horses with a sound knowledge of business and economics.

The business-oriented specialisation in Equine, Business and Economics offers a wide range of topics such as logistics, economics, business analysis and strategy development along with finance, accountancy, politics and marketing. In order to relate to your customers, you also need a solid link to equine science. Therefore, topics such as breeding, welfare, behaviour, exercise physiology and nutrition are important elements in your horse studies as well. This way you will not only understand the business in which you are working, but also know exactly what your customer needs. As a specialist in equine studies, you will be able to choose from a vast range of career opportunities. You will be able to work either in the horse industry as a consultant or an entrepreneur, or in other domains such as finance or event planning. If you're looking for a study programme with a focus on horses that, at the same time, leaves your options open to work in other domains or with other subjects, this one offers you the best of both worlds, human and animal!

Specialising in Equine, Business and Economics

After getting to know the international horse industry with its organisation and dynamics, you will be ready to focus on your specialisation in years 3 and 4. In the final two years you are further trained in commercialising opportunities within the international equine field. In the first part of year three, you learn how to improve business performance by making an in-depth analysis and giving advice to an existing secondary or tertiary business facing a change or problem. Lectures will be given on finance, legislation, policy making, distribution and logistics. You will spend the second half of the third year by doing a 20-week work placement in a secondary or tertiary equine business, for example trade organisations, banks, commercial enterprises, sales or marketing organisations. In the first half of the fourth year, you will choose a minor. This is a course of your own choice that gives a personal touch to your curriculum. Minors are offered by VHL and many other universities all around the world. Examples of minors are European businesses, international marketing, European tourism,= and marketing & supply chain management. The programme culminates in the drafting of a business thesis.

NB. Would you like to keep your horse with you during your studies? If so, we can help you find a stable for your horse in the vicinity of Velp or Leeuwarden.




Information about this specialisation:

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