Biomedical Research

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Working as a biomedical research analyst

By choosing Biomedical Research as your specialisation, you will be able to make a significant contribution to preventing and fighting diseases as a research analyst. As a biomedical research analyst you contribute to new insights and progress in battling cancer, heart and blood vessel conditions, diabetes, asthma and chronic metabolic diseases. With the help of DNA and protein analyses you research the molecular causes of a disease in detail. With stem cell research you can work out a therapy. You will be using advanced tools and equipment, as well as bodily substances donated by patients, such as blood cells and antibodies, in your research. You will work in a laboratory of a university medical centre, at a pharmaceutical company or at a renowned research institute. Your ultimate goal is to contribute to preventing and/or treating serious diseases.

Specialising in Biomedical Research

In year three of the Bachelor of Biology and Medical Research (BSc) study programme, you will choose your specialisation. By specialising in Biomedical Research, you will take courses in biochemistry, cellular biology, immunology and anatomy. Apart from that, you will also focus on physiology and pathology. The latter deals with the origins, causes and results of diseases. This way, you will acquire a solid theoretical basis to work successfully in a laboratory. Topics such as variations of DNA in the cellular core and the effects of diseases on humans and animals will give you a deeper insight into the field. Next to acquiring theoretical knowledge, you will also participate in exciting projects and internships, where you will work with cells and tissues. Furthermore, you will be able to choose a minor, which is an elective course. You can choose a minor according to your interests and take it either at VHL or at another tertiary institute in the Netherlands or abroad. After a 6-month internship in year four, you start working on your graduation assignment. This entails an independent research project in a renowned national or international research lab. Once you have graduated successfully, nothing will stand in your way of starting a fantastic career in the realm of biomedical research.

Biomedical Research is also offered as a specialisation of the Bachelor of Biotechnology (BSc) study programme.


Information about this specialisation:

PROGRAMMEBiology and Medical Laboratory Research
Story Overview

Individual and project-based work

amarja koers

Amarja Koers is a fourth-year student of Biology and Medical Laboratory Research at VHL University of Applied Sciences. She is currently specialising in Biomedical Research, a subject that contains theory as well as practice-based learning.  read more

Story Overview

Inspiration, innovation and variety

aycha bleeker

Aycha Bleeker is a fourth-year student of Biology and Medical Laboratory Research at VHL University of Applied Sciences. She specializes in Biomedical Research.  read more

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