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Creativity and innovation for nature and the environment

The central issues in our Bachelor of Environmental Sciences (BSc) are hot topics such as sustainable sources of energy, technological innovations, water- and soil quality, resilient and vital nature, human health, safety, sustainable cities, climate changes and biodiversity. Our Bachelor in Environmental Sciences  is on top of these issues. We are aware of the fact that the relationship between the earth, the people and our welfare is unbalanced. As the world’s population is growing, biodiversity is declining, the climate is changing and fossil fuels and natural resources are getting scarcer. The question is, how can we ensure that future generations inherit a planet that still offers them enough resources to survive? Part of the answer lies in preserving our environment and our health by producing organic food, paying more attention to sustainable entrepreneurship and build carbon-neutral buildings. Our Bachelor in Environment Sciences will teach you how to devise sustainable plans and think of innovative solutions that do not exploit our planet and yet allow the economy to grow, while taking the wishes and needs of people into account. With a Bachelor’s degree in Environment Sciences, you can actively contribute to an improved balance of the people-planet-profit triangle.

Depending on the specialisation you choose in your Bachelor programme, you can contribute to an improved relationship of people and the planet by working on the quality of our nature and environment, clean (drinking) water, and sustainable sources of energy. Your study programme will be exciting, international and varied, which also holds true for the work you will be doing after graduation. You will work in laboratories as well as in the field, do research, act as a consultant and come up with innovative solutions for environmental problems. Whatever you end up doing, you can be sure that you will be creating a better future for our planet. Within the Bachelor of Environmental Sciences, you can choose the following specialisations:

The Bachelor of Environmental Sciences (BSc), is taught in Dutch and partly in English (part-time or fulltime) at our campus in Leeuwarden. Every year the programme is joined by students and professionals from abroad,  that either select a series of modules as part of their (exchange) programme or come to specialise in one of our Certificate programmes for 1 year. Finally a special welcome is reserved to the interested German students, that want to study the whole Bachelor of Environmental Sciences programme. They are welcome and able to join our courses in Dutch, after a 4 week intensive Dutch language course in the summer.


Information about this programme:

EEA€ 2,060 a year
NON-EEA€ 8,650 a year
News Overview

Eight students will be visiting China

Students VHL go on a journey to China

10-04-2017 • In April 2017 eight Van Hall Larenstein students will be visiting the Garden Valley resort in Liyang in China. It will be the third visit of Van Hall Larenstein students to Liyang.  read more

News Overview

FB Oranjewoud scholarship for VHL student

Jorrit Volkers and Jean Sam Constant

28-09-2016 • VHL student Jean Sam Constant received a scholarship of 10.000 Euros from the FB Oranjewoud foundation. Jean Sam Constant is from Haiti and follows the 1-year Certificate Programme Sustainable Water Technology, connected to the bachelor programme Environment in Leeuwarden.  read more

News Overview

Students work together on eco tourism in China

Diane Keizer-Mastenbroek and student team ecotourism project

28-04-2015 • Eight Frisian students will travel to Liyang China on 16 May, to start a project to stimulate local tourism. Last Monday the eight students were presented to the public for the first time.  read more

News Overview

Water board joins forces with education

03-02-2015 • Water Board Rivierenland signed a covenant on 30 January together with VHL and Arnhem and Nijmegen University of Applied Sciences (HAN), in which they agree to take up questions in the field of regional water management together in the next four years.  read more

Story Overview

Walter Lemstra talks about Environment

Walter Lemstra

After high school Walter Lemstra wanted to do a ‘green’ study. After visiting an open day at VHL University of Applied Sciences he knew which one: Environment.  read more

Story Overview

It’s all very exciting

Laura Mol with motor cycle

Laura Mol is a fourth-year student Environment, her specialization is Water Technology and Water Quality. At the moment she’s graduating at the Waterboard Velt en Vecht.  read more

Story Overview

A school with an international dimension

Kevin de Cuba

Kevin de Cuba studied Environment at VHL University of Applied Sciences. He’s from the Caribbean island of Aruba, where VHL has a good reputation.  read more

Story Overview

Enjoying nature during study

Rianne Pastoor at the seaside

Rianne Pastoor is a second-year student of Environment at VHL University of Applied Sciences. Her specialization is Nature and Environment.  read more

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