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Create and innovate in the world of food, marketing and technology

By choosing the Bachelor in Food Technology (BSc), you could become one of the creative food experts who dedicate their career to developing new products and introducing them onto the international food market. The food industry is an industry that most consumers take for granted. Healthier, tastier and innovative food products are appearing on our supermarket shelves almost daily. With this huge product range and the consumers’ increasing demand for variety, the need for food technologists is growing rapidly.

Nowadays, consumers increasingly demand healthy, safe and tasty foods. As a food technologist, you analyse consumers and their demands in terms of marketing, product quality and business administration. Market research, knowledge of production processes and product properties, and, perhaps most importantly, understanding what happens in the human body when we consume food, are crucial in developing new foodstuffs. You study the chemical, microbiological and chemical composition of food, while you also dive into the fascinating world of nutrition, flavour, trends, trade and health. This is a fantastic challenge for creative, technically-minded 'foodies'. As there are currently far less graduates than job openings, food technology graduates have the luxury of choice on the job market, which is a big advantage in this day and age.

Generally, food technologists are innovative, enthusiastic and business-minded people with a passion for food and a comprehensive understanding of the sciences. From chemistry and microbiology to marketing, from engineering to advanced technologies: the interdisciplinary Food Technology Bachelor programme covers all these topics and more!

Within the Bachelor of Food Technology, you can choose to specialise in the following professional fields:

The Bachelor of Food Technology (BSc) lasts 4 years. In Leeuwarden, the entire study programme, including the professional fields, is taught in Dutch. In Velp, the entire study programme, including the professional fields, is taught in English. 

You can read everything about the regulations and examinations in the:
Education and Examination Regulations of Food Technology location Velp



Information about this programme:

EEA€ 2,083 a year
NON-EEA€ 8,750 a year
News Overview

Eight students will be visiting China

Students VHL go on a journey to China

10-04-2017 • In April 2017 eight Van Hall Larenstein students will be visiting the Garden Valley resort in Liyang in China. It will be the third visit of Van Hall Larenstein students to Liyang.  read more

News Overview

From cow to cheese

On the cheese farm

02-09-2015 • Cheese is made from milk and milk comes from a cow. This is what we know. But how does the process actually work? An answer to that question can be found at the Smaaklab (Taste lab) on september 5th, 2015, during the Millenniumfestival in IJlst.  read more

News Overview

Three VHL-projects nominated for LC Awards

inner city Leeuwarden

08-06-2015 • Three projects by VHL students are nominated for the LC Awards 2015. LC Awards is an initiative by the Leeuwarder Courant. The newspaper wants to show the most valuable projects by students of vocational trainings and master trainings to the public.  read more

News Overview

Veggie kebab and music for horses in Wageningen

02-06-2015 • Students of VHL University of Applied Sciences show how much of an entrepreneur they are at the Business Fair and Innovation Market on Friday 12 June in Wageningen. Get acquainted with vegetarian kebab and special music for horses.  read more

News Overview

VHL Golden Globe for veggie kebab

Winners VHL Golden Globes 2015

27-05-2015 • On Thursday 21 May ten students’ projects competed for the much sought-after VHL Golden Globes, the internal students’ competition of VHL University of Applied Sciences. The 2015 edition showed a wide and colourful range of projects.  read more

Story Overview

Costs reduced by more than 33%

Wessel Wijnja, graduate Food Technology

Wessel Wijnja studied Food Technology at VHL University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden. He chose to specialise in Process Engineering. For his graduate project he did research on decreasing the waste flow in the sweets factory Cloetta Holland in Sneek.  read more

Story Overview

Exploring new possibilities

Injection machine

Luuk Zegers studied Food Technology at VHL University of Applied Sciences. His grad-year work placement was at Vaessen-Schoemaker B.V., a company that develops and produces functional ingredients for bakeries and meat products businesses.  read more

Story Overview

Special soup for children

Jelmer Stoffelsma is a third year student Food Technology at VHL in Leeuwarden. In the module Food Product Development he was part of a project team concerned with the development of a soup especially for children.  read more

Story Overview

Testing bacteria and protein in tubes

Christa Smink

Some people are fascinated by the technical aspects of food. The chemical processes, the structure, the reactions with other substances… Christina Smink, Food Technology student, is one of those people.  read more

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