Forestry and Nature Management

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Paul Willems in Ghana with a felled tree
Dutch programme

Forestry and Nature Management: towards a greener future

In our Bachelor of Forestry and Nature Management (BSc), conservation, management and sustainable development of forests and natural areas take centre stage. The world’s forests and nature areas are very diverse. Some border on busy urban areas and are intensively used for recreational purposes, while others lie deep in the Amazon and are never disturbed by human activity. Our forests and natural areas play roles that are vital for our survival: from recreation, timber production, ensuring water reserves and CO2 storage to wellbeing and health, filtering environmental micro-particles and biomass production. Due to the diversity and the different roles these areas play for our lives, every kind of forest or natural area needs to be managed in a different way. Our study programme in Forestry and Nature Management will not only teach you about the important roles of forests and nature, but also about developing sustainable solutions for managing and developing these areas and for conserving them. Factors such as climate change, diminishing natural resources, urbanisation and the economic crisis have an important effect on people’s lives worldwide. Forests and natural areas can play an important role in mitigating the detrimental effects of these factors, which is why it is important to conserve them and try to expand them. Deforestation and climate change require sustainable solutions. Are you ready to take on these challenges as a Forestry and Nature Manager and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future for all of us? Then our Bachelor in Forestry and Nature Management will fit you like a glove!

The Bachelor in Forestry and Nature Management lasts 4 years and is taught at our campus in Velp. The first two years of the study programme are taught in Dutch. In the final two years, the language of tuition can be either Dutch or English as it depends on the chosen professional field.


Information about this programme:

EEA€ 2,060 a year
NON-EEA€ 8,650 a year
News Overview

Successful trade mission in Indonesia

24-11-2016 • Van Hall Larenstein took part in the trade mission of prime minister Mark Rutte to Indonesia. The mission has been successful. In the presence of prime minister Rutte and state secretary Sharon Dijksma, Van Hall Larenstein signed three Memoranda of Understanding (MoU).  read more

News Overview

Contribution to the book Rewilding European Landscapes

Book Rewilding European Landscapes

08-10-2015 • Employees at VHL University of Applied Sciences have made a valuable contribution to the open access book Rewilding European Landscapes. Together they worked on the chapter ‘Preparing a new generation of wilderness entrepreneurs’.  read more

Story Overview

I could not have made a better choice

Maris Van der Baan is a student of Forestry and Nature Management.  read more

Story Overview

The importance of bogs in peat areas

Tim van Leeuwen does research

Tim van Leeuwen studies Nature and Landscape Engineering. His graduate project is about peat bogs: flooded pits in peat areas that that gradually fill themselves again with peat and contain many rare plants.  read more

Story Overview

Join a fraternity!

Joost Buursma, student Forestry and Nature Management

Joost Buursma got into contact with VHL University of Applied Sciences at a career fair, when he was still in high school. In 2014 he visited VHL on two open days and did an orientation day. By now he’s busy wrapping up his first year of Forestry and Nature Management.  read more

Story Overview

It’s important to be flexible and open-minded

Nathalie Bromberg, student Forestry and Nature Management

Nathalie Bromberg is a student of Forestry and Nature Management specialising in People and Nature. At the moment she’s in England for her work placement, setting up a nature education programme for underachieving adolescents.  read more

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