Life Sciences and Technology

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Would you like to make a difference? For instance by developing new cures for cancer or inventing extremely clean fuel which will save our environment? Feel the chemistry, think Life Sciences and Technology!

VHL University of Applied Sciences and NHL University of Applied Sciences are jointly offering a number of accredited, practice-oriented Bachelor programmes in the frame of the Life Sciences & Technology cluster. These programmes have been divided into Bachelor specialisations and minors. The system is simple: you choose a specialisation, which will be the main focus of your studies, and will determine your professional profile. A minor within this specialisation will help you to gain more expertise in the area you are focusing on.

The Life Sciences and Technology unit came to life through a collaboration agreement between the Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden – NHL University of Applied Sciences, and VHL University of Applied Sciences. A unique collaboration in The Netherlands! Whether you want to help fight the causes of child leukaemia or develop beer that keeps our waist slim – in the wonderful world of Life Sciences, all this and more is possible! New discoveries and inventions are waiting for you to find them. Click, experience, choose!

Life sciences help you discover life secrets, such as developing super healthy food or solving murder cases in the lab. You could also invent a cure for malaria or fight a disease with the help of DNA-technology. The future of the world is in your hands if you choose to study Life Sciences!

Switching between specialisations

The specialisations offered within the Life Sciences and Technology cluster are: Food Technology, Health and Food, Biotechnology, Forensic Sciences, Human Diagnostics, Biomedical Research, Applied Chemistry, Process Engineering, and Petro-Chemistry and Offshore. The first two years of your chosen study programme will overlap a lot with the other study programmes, which makes it possible for you to change the direction of your studies in your second year.  

Apart from that, you can choose from a wide range of minor subjects at different faculties. Are you a student of Food Technology and would like to know more about environmentally friendly packaging? Do you study Forensic Sciences and have a great interest in toxicology? Join students of other study programmes and take these minors with them. This way, you keep all your options open! The Life Sciences and Technology cluster allows you to make the most of the numerous opportunities of combining modules and subjects and learn from working together with students from other study programmes.

Developing competences

Project-based education has a central role in Life Sciences. Together with a group of fellow students, you work on various projects. You acquire the necessary theoretical basis during lectures. In the beginning, the tasks are quite simple. For instance, you get a shovelful of contaminated ground. With your project group, you research how you can clean the ground and which knowledge and competences you will need for that. You could also develop alcohol-free whisky or a new type of beer. Students spend most of their first two years in the laboratory, the library or the classroom. Every project is rounded off by an individual assessment, in which you can prove that you have acquired certain competences.

Real Life

In the course of the study programme, the projects become more difficult and you get more and more practical assignments. A lot of companies are familiar with Life Sciences and Technology and are pleased when students carry out interesting and challenging projects for them. In the second half of the second year and in the entire fourth year, you will be doing a placement. It is also possible to acquire this practical experience abroad.

The unique form of cooperation of VHL University of Applied Sciences and NHL University of Applied Sciences enables Life and Sciences and Technology students to make use of the facilities of two institutes of higher education! The study programmes are taught in the modern building of VHL University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden. This way, you study in a professional and stimulating environment. 

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