Innovations for Sustainability

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There is no news like environmental news, constantly on the television and in the newspapers; the planet is becoming one of the most talked about topics. From new energy sources to the implementation and enhancement of sustainable practices worldwide - it’s all trending. It’s about time to restore the balance between the Earth and human prosperity. To do so, as a community, it is vital to battle against climate change and natural disasters. The Innovations for Sustainability programme focuses on sustainable development as a framework to analyse and develop innovative solutions for the most important problems of our time. It puts a special emphasis on environmental issues, such as waste, water, energy, biodiversity, sustainable cities and climate change. The programme covers technology, management and policy while putting the focus on natural sciences. Modern teaching and learning methods are used: a modular curriculum, an integrated thematic approach, student-centred learning strategies and competencebased learning. In the latter, concrete situations from professional practice are the starting point for acquiring knowledge and skills. Furthermore students are responsible for their own learning processes, while coached by lecturers.


Part of the programme can be an internship or research project at one of our centres of Expertise: Centre of Expertise Water Technology (CEW) or Centre in Bio Based Economy (CBBE). 

CEW is a unique collaboration between education- and research institutes, governments and enterprises with the aim to enhance knowledge of today's water technology. They deliver new solutions, business and an increasing number of well-educated top talent following the quantitatively and qualitatively human capital demand of employers in the water sector.

Students, professors and other professionals conduct research together with, or on behalf of companies, in advanced laboratories, application centres and at various pilot & demo sites. By conducting applied research and product development we accelerate innovation.


Information about this programme:

EEA€ 8,650 a year
NON-EEA€ 8,650 a year
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