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What our student counselors can do for you

When you pick up your study in the Netherlands, lots of things are changing for you: you'll be living in another country, you'll meet new people, you'll have to study independently, in short: you'll have to arrange a new life all by yourself. It's very well possible you could use some assistance with all this.

For example, when you're having difficulties studying (tendency to postponement/procrastination or study stress) or you're confronted with personal problems. Or maybe you have a question about studying with a disability. Our study counselors are more than willing to help you. They offer an attentive ear and try to guide you in solving your problem. In some cases, the study counselor can offer you training, for example to learn how to study more effectively. Our study counselors can also refer to other institutions and counselors if necessary.

You can refer to our study counselors for:

  • Assistance in looking for solutions when you're dealing with personal problems (for example illness, relationships, fear of failure, housing, home sickness) and/or problems with studying (connection,
    delay, motivation and the like), caused by personal issues.
  • Guidance in developing effective study skills
  • Arrangements for facilities you might need in case of a disability
  • Reference to other institutions, for example mental health care
  • Financial assistance (through DUO or the graduation fund) when you experience a delay in your study programme due to illness or extraordinary circumstances.
  • Just a chat when you feel the need to talk to somebody

Student counselors location Leeuwarden

Tjitske Keidel
tel. +31 (0) 58 284 64 22
(in office on Monday, Tuesday and Friday)

Tine de Jong
tel. +31 (0) 58 284 64 08
Room B 1.28
(in office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Gerrit Jeuring
tel. +31 (0) 58 284 63 66
(in office on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Appointments can be made at the student administration, room F 1.30, by e-mail or just knock on the door.

Student counselors location Velp

Tom Wiggers
tel. +31 (0)26 3695740
Room L686

Margreet van der Veen 
tel. +31 (0) 26 3695861
Room B310

Jolanda Qualm
+31 (0) 26 3695861
Room B310

Appointments can be made at the infopoint, by e-mail or telephone or just knock on the door.

Career Counsellors

Your mentor – who you will meet in the first week of your study – will be your ‘career advisor’ for your career as a student. If you have any problems with your studies, he or she is your first point of contact. Your Career Counsellor can also be consulted with regard to your study plans, the progress of your studies and other important decisions.

Confidential advisor

Sometimes you may feel that you have been a victim of improper behaviour. It may consist of unwelcome sexual advances or harassment – whether written, spoken or physical – or of violence or discrimination. Van Hall Larenstein has Confidential Advisors to deal with such unwanted behaviour. The task of the Confidential Advisor is to listen to your complaints and help you find a solution. He/she can also help you if you wish to submit a formal complaint. These tasks and the procedure for the handling of such complaints by the complaints committee are covered by the ‘Undesirable conduct code’ , which can be found on the Studentnet  under ‘student regulations’. The Confidential Advisor in Leeuwarden is Inge Koenis ( and in Velp Mirjam Bosveld (  

Studying with a disability

Do you want to study at our school and do you have a disability? The right thing to do is to contact a student counselor at your university location (Velp or Leeuwarden) before starting you study. Together we can figure out what services or guidance you might need to get the best out of your studies.

Van Hall Larenstein has several facilities for students with a disability and ended runner up in the list 'Studying with a disability 2012' for higher vocational schools. This report was made by the Centre for Information Higher Vocational Education and was made based on indications of students.

Together, we'll make sure the right measures are taken and facilities are provided for you. This will
leave you more time to enjoy student life. When you're not sure if it's necessary to contact our student counselors, we advise you to do so anyway. To be able to benefit from certain arrangements, you'll have to inform us timely. Unfortunately, many students with disabilities appear to get stuck unnecessary. You can prevent this from happening by coming to us in time, so we can help you.

Appropriate conduct at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences

It is very important to Van Hall Larenstein that everybody treats each other with respect and integrity. This applies to student interaction as well as the lecturer-student contact. We also attach great importance to maintaining such relationships with external parties, with whom students and employees of Van Hall Larenstein collaborate. For this reason, we have drawn up an Integrity Code and a Code of Conduct, in which we describe in formal but clear terms what we do and what we do not deem acceptable and fair behaviour. It is vital to us that everybody knows what we can and may expect from one another. The full versions of both Codes are available (some only in Dutch) . If you have questions about them, please get in touch with your study counsellor.

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