Campus Velp

The school building in Velp is located on Landgoed Larenstein. This extensive estate was already part of a string of estates in the 18th century, that were located on the transitional area of the Gelder complex of push-moraines and the valley of the river IJssel. The number of estates was reduced dramatically in the last century.

Only street names now recall these estates of the past. But the Larenstein estate still exists and is now one big practice room for the various courses of Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences.

On our location in Velp you can use an extensive multi-media library, various laboratories on a unique estate that functions as one big practice room. You will receive your own email address which you can use to log in wirelessly on one of the many computers in the building to check your study results, roster changes and other news topics.

Because of the spacious (practice) rooms and the large amount of incoming light it is not only pleasant to study and work outdoors in Velp, but indoors as well.

For relaxation you can walk in the gardens which surround the building. You can also do your own garden tour. At  the reception you can ask for a map in Dutch detailing the various plants and trees growing in the gardens.

News Overview

Positive ratings & top programme Masters

Master stduents

14-03-2018 • The Master's programmes Management of Development and Agricultural Production Chain Management of Van Hall Larenstein were positively rated in the new Master's programme information guide Keuzegids Masters 2018.   read more

Story Overview

Just do what you love!

Vivian, alumna Equine, Sports and Business

Vivian, alumni of Equine Sports & Business, talks about her passion for online marketing and how studying at Van Hall Larenstein has prepared her for that. The prospect of working with horses made her confident that she was going to be successful no matter what.  read more

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