Food Security and Gender

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Duration: 3 weeks
Location: Velp
Start: TBA (end of November 2017)
End: TBA (mid-December 2017)        

Tuition Fee: € 3,000
Language: English 
Application Deadline: October 2017
Fellowship Application Deadline: July 2017     

Rural residents of developing countries gain their livelihoods through a wide array of activities such as farming. The livelihood generated from these activities does not only depend on these people's capabilities but also on the availability and access to resources they need. For people with low incomes who live in rural areas, daily food security is an important objective to secure better living circumstances.

Rural livelihoods are dynamic. Men and women adapt their livelihood strategies according to fluctuations in social, political, economic and environmental situations. Adaptations are also made with regard to the availability of resources such as land and income.

For rural development professionals and organisations, it is of the utmost importance to understand the livelihoods, capabilities and coping strategies of populations in need of assistance. As men and women have specific roles and responsibilities with regards to strengthening their livelihoods and food security, it is necessary to identify gender-specific needs, constraints and opportunities.

In this training, participants will learn to analyse livelihood strategies and the factors that influence them. They will be provided with tools to get a better understanding of male and female farmers' decision-making processes. These processes concern crop production, livestock and income-generating activities but also the handling of vulnerabilities and migration, among other issues. In a community, rural livelihoods vary due to factors such as social class, caste and ethnicity but also gender roles, which influence the opportunities for strengthening a rural livelihood. 

Topics such as labour division and decision-making with regard to resources and other household dynamics are covered in this training. Visits to rural enterprises throughout the Netherlands are organised in order to gain practical knowledge in this domain.

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News Overview

Honourable mention for Marije Strikwold

Marije Strikwold

05-04-2017 • Marije Strikwold, tutor-researcher in the domain of Food & Dairy, and her co-authors were awarded a Certificate of Recognition by the American Society for Toxicology (SOT), for their research article about an innovative method as a substitute for animal testing in toxicology research.  read more

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Costs reduced by more than 33%

Wessel Wijnja, graduate Food Technology

Wessel Wijnja studied Food Technology at VHL University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden. He chose to specialise in Process Engineering. For his graduate project he did research on decreasing the waste flow in the sweets factory Cloetta Holland in Sneek.  read more

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