Experience other cultures

VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) is traditionally an international school of applied sciences. And we wish to remain this way. We educate our students to work in an international professional field and we stimulate them to do their internships or parts of their study programme abroad. Below you will find an overview of our English spoken study programmes.

We also have a lot of foreign students in Leeuwarden and Velp. Don't be surprised to hear many different languages in our buildings. The whole world visiting us brings many advantages and creates and international setting. This has a positive effect on the social and cultural development of students and having international contacts makes it easier to acquire an internship, project or graduation assignment abroad.

Our contract activities are international as well. We focus on projects in Europe as well as in the third world. VHL has carried out several large projects in third world countries in the last couple of years. VHL aims to stay active in this market and often does this in cooperation with knowledge and business partners.

Programmes in English

At our location in Velp we have four bachelor programmes that are taught entirely in English:

In Leeuwarden we offer the 4-year English programme International Business. Not only are your lessons taught in English, but your fellow students come from all over the world and you can do your internships abroad. Thailand, China, Ghana, Macedonia: our students are all over the planet. You will be well prepared for an international career!