Student life

Studying and living in Leeuwarden

At our location in Leeuwarden we offer several study programmes. Within the programme you can choose from various specialisations. All of them are challenging, surprising and interesting. Our university of applied sciences offers good study facilities, among others an extensive multimedia library.

However, there is more to studying in Leeuwarden. You can relax in one of the many pubs, trendy cafes and clubs and on the vibrant Thursday night, students' night out, you can party until the early hours. In short, welcome to Leeuwarden!

More than half of the nearly 4300 students of VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) studies in Leeuwarden. There are 162 foreign students. In total, we have 62 different nationalities at VHL! The ratio men and women in Leeuwarden is about 50/50.

Student associations and working groups

Do you want to have a pleasant time while studying? It can be arranged. Leeuwarden has a rich student life. The city harbours five general student associations. Besides these, there is an active student association related to VHL, called Osiris.

Moreover, there are working groups in each study programme. They organise all sorts of activities on behalf of the programmes. A number of associations and working groups have their own websites, on which you can read all about their activities, excursions, lectures and study activities. The associations and working groups guarantee a lot of fun, but also provide more depth to the contents of your study.

An overview of Dutch associations and working groups with links to their Dutch websites:

  • Animoso, the working group of the programme Animal Management
  • Hallieu, the working group of the programmes Environment, Management of the Living Environment and Coastal and Marine Management
  • Reholitas, the working group of the programme Food Technology
  • Vereniging Dispuut Sanctus Cresco, the working group of the programme Agribusiness and Business Administration
  • Ingsp√©, the working group of the programme Horticulture and Arable Farming
  • Sv Lucentis is the student association of the programmes within Life Sciences and Technology

Studying in Velp, going out in Arnhem

We offer good study facilities: the school is situated at Larenstein Estate, the practical area for students. We also have an extensive multimedia library.

Besides studying, you probably also want to have a nice place to live, engage in sports, go out and meet other students. In Arnhem, which is close to Velp, you can eat your heart out at the Korenmarkt, the centre of activity in nightlife. Here you also find the sororities of the student associations.

With several universities of applied sciences, Arnhem is a vibrant city with many nice activities. Chilling out in Sonsbeekpark? Dancing on the roof during Roof Garden? In Arnhem you never get bored. Are you a sports person? You can join Student Sports Arnhem, and practice all kinds of sports. In short, studying in a pleasant environment is absolutely possible in Velp and surroundings!

Student associations in Velp

Of course you can arrange your new life as a student all by yourself. However, you can also choose to become a member of a student association and live your study period to the max. Both possibilities are just fine, but it is nice to be able to choose. Which you can!

There are as much as five student associations in Velp. In short, whatever you choose, nothing stands in the way of you and a vibrant student life! Wish to know more? Surf to the Dutch websites of the student associations in Velp: ArboriculturaQuercus, Webuco, Alpha en Betula Pubescens. There is also the student association LaarX.